Growing Orchids Successfully

Regardless of the types of orchids, the success in growing orchids is not with the technique used and equipment, but the right thing in your conditions. Watering is the most important element in growing orchids successfully. Not just water, but good water and have your water’s PH checked as well as other elements and minerals your water may contain. If the water PH is not right it will affect the orchid, as they cannot absorb nutrients from soil when the PH is too high or when it is to low as then it is to acidity.
The ideal PH for water in growing different types of orchids is around 5.6. When it is around six and higher, you must add phosphoric acid, as orchids prefer a slightly acid medium as oppose to alkaline which is found in water with a PH above seven. When you find the PH is too low, such as five, add potassium bicarbonate. Watering orchids with very cold water may cause the cells to collapse when it has delicate new leaves.
On hot days water your orchids early in the morning or late afternoon as the cold water on the hotly baked plants shocks the delicate plants to stop growing for a couple of hours. On very hot days, people are often tempted to cool down the plants with a spray of cool water, but it is a big mistake as it also causes the plant to slow down its growth rate significantly.
A plant may appear bone dry on the surface but if you were to turn out the pot, you will find it very wet towards the bottom. Sticking a stick into the pot at the side of the plant will indicate whether the plant needs water. Another vitally important factor in successful orchid growing is humidity and if it is impossible to maintain a humidity of 65%, you will not be able to successfully grow orchids.

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